Want to know more about becoming a part of the Royal Family?

At Bourbon Royalty our goal is not only to provide you with an affordable and quality product, but also to spread and radiate memories of the south! You can help us do that by becoming a retailer! 

Candles are found in 7 out every 10 homes in the US with retail sales of approximately $2 billion in annual sales. That is why we have designed a unique and classic product that will sell itself once the customer takes a sniff! 

Shipping - Local retailers may pick up orders from our warehouse by scheduled appointments only. FedEx shipping services are utilized for all other wholesale orders. 

Our Customers - Our products are sold in gift shops, boutiques, hair salons, florists, etc. 

Samples/Testers - Samples and testers are available upon request at an additional charge. 

Seasonal Fragrances - We strive to provide a variety of fragrances to our customers by rotating fragrances in and out following the seasons. (Christmas & Summer)

Promotions - We enjoy running promotions throughout the year to allow our customers to run promotions within their own store without sacrificing their profit margins.

To get more information on becoming a retailer of our products, please complete the form by clicking this link: Bourbon Royalty Wholesale Application

Faire - Are you a wholesale partner and want to shop all our products online? Access our page on Faire to browse and shop all of our collections at the link below.