Our Candle Collections

The Classic Collection

This collection has a few of our all-time favorites! They beautifully capture the culture and heritage of the South.

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Damask Stone

This pattern is a true classic that appeared during the mid-14th century in Europe. We were inspired by its history and wanted to create a piece representing this recognizable pattern. Our Damask design features a two-color contrast with a solid wooden base — sure to fit any style.

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French Provincial

Our French Provincial collection represents stylings dating back to the 18th-century of Provinces in France. Experience the beauty of this collection that captures the less ornate style but features the simple beauty of artisan-crafted pottery.

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Marquis Collection

The Marquis collection captures the hereditary beauty of one of our original pottery collections. The word marquis comes from the old French language, and is known as the ruler of the border area. With the elaborate border on this collection, we couldn’t have found a better fit.

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Midas Collection

Named after the most famous, King Midas, this collection is gilded in golden perfection. It’s available in an unrivaled size for noble candle lovers who spare no scent expense. 

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Southern Gentlemen

Our Southern Gentlemen collection captures the gentility, honor, and tradition of a true gent.

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Travel Tins

Perfect for smaller areas in your home, or pack them in your carry-on to experience your favorite Bourbon Royalty fragrance wherever you go.

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