Opulence - A Scent of Luxury and the Good Life!

To live in opulence is to live abundantly with luxury, money, and fame - the easy life, and where better to live the easy life than the Big Easy itself, New Orleans.

New Orleans, during the time of French occupancy in Louisiana, was indeed a city of opulence.  With an abundance of wealth, it wasn't uncommon to rub elbows with celebrities of that time.  Gambling was the name of the game back then, where a man could become a millionaire at the blink of an eye.  Lots of money moved around from hand to hand at the gambling tables and drinks flowed like water.

Luxurious carriages carried the affluent people to expensive restaurants, casinos and parties in areas around the opulent city.  Sprawling villas and big mansions were home of the rich, where music and laughter were the proper soundtracks.  Revelry was endless and often started again at sunset.  Life was and still is exciting and thrilling in the Big Easy.

Opulence will give you the serenity and joy needed at the end of a long day.  Although our candle can't transport you to New Orleans, it is enough to simulate a day experiencing opulence in this big city!

This fragrance blends the exotic and seductive aromas of amber, plum and cardamom.

Take a whiff of the amber scent that is warm, musky, rich, and honey-like, and also somewhat earthy.

The freshness of a delicate pink plum blossom is yours to enjoy.  You will love this fragrance that is a blend of the sweet, yet tangy, with just adequate intoxicating aroma coming from succulent plum.

Cardamom seeds emit a subtle type of scent and flavor that is mildly spicy, slightly nutty, aromatic and sweet, a bit woody, vague hint of fennel and anise.

Jamie and Rusty