Est-ce que tu parles français?

Est-ce que tu parles français?  (Do you speak French?)

Fais Do Do is sometimes known as a Cajun dance party.

According to Mark Humphrey, the parties were named for "the gentle command ('go to sleep') young mothers offered bawling infants." He quotes early Cajun musician Edwin Duhon of the Hackberry Ramblers:

"She'd go to the cry room, give the baby a nipple and say, 'Fais do-do.' She'd want the baby to go to sleep fast, 'cause she's worried about her husband dancing with somebody else out there."

"Do-do" itself is a shortening of the French verb dormir (to sleep), used primarily in speaking to small children. The phrase is comparable to the American English "beddy-bye" and is embodied in an old French lullaby, a song sung to children when putting them down for the night. Its existence in Cajun culture as a source for dances, or bands, comes from an affection for the term itself.

As scents are often associated with past events in your life, smelling them again will awaken those memories and bring back those same emotions and feelings. Our Fais Do Do fragrance will bring you back in time to the Cajun dance party you long to remember with notes of fresh meadow intermingled with the warmth of vanilla and sophisticated musk.  

Jamie & Rusty