Bourbon Royalty would like to announce our new line of fragrances: SOUTHERN GENTLEMEN

I caught up with Jamie and Rusty after they returned from the Biloxi Gift Show to find out more about their inspiration behind the new Bourbon Royalty line.  
Mollye Deloach: What inspired you to create a fragrance line specifically for men?
Jamie Graves: What inspired us to create Southern Gentlemen was our Zydeco Amber fragrance in our signature line.  We were consistently receiving requests (especially from women!) for more masculine fragrances.  After many requests, we began our research!
Rusty Phillips: After our research, we hosted a warehouse party and invited our customers to choose their top 5 favorite scents from 15 different options.  Our line: Beau, Dapper, Duke, Gent, and Dandy are all fragrances chosen by our valued customers!
MD:  What is your favorite Southern Gentlemen scent?
JG: My favorite Southern Gentlemen fragrance is definitely Dapper - something about it just calms me but still has a great fragrance that is irresistible.
RP:  My favorite is Dandy-- I love the mix of bourbon and blood orange citrus.  It's a really unique scent that I think a lot of our customers will enjoy for their home.  
MD: How did y'all come up with the names for the fragrances?
RP: The meaning behind the fragrance names is nothing more than just some good 'ole southern names that represent a true gentlemen. Although coming up with fragrance names is one of the hardest things to do, in my book, this line was pretty easy!
JG: We knew we wanted to keep the southern theme but without being too campy or silly, and I think the five names accurately describe the scents. 
MD: When can we expect to see Southern Gentleman on the shelves at our local retailer?
JG: We just attended our first gift show with the Southern Gentlemen line and had great success. We will announce the official list of retailers that our line will be available at soon, but you can expect them to hit the shelves later this month!
MD: Awesome! Stay tuned to our blog, social media, and website for that information. Oh! I meant to ask you.. did y'all have fun at the Biloxi Gift Show?
JG: Yes! We were so excited to show off the Southern Gentlemen line and are excited to announce some new retailers!
RP:  We also met some really great vendors and merchants, including the City Bee Company out of Birmingham, Alabama.  They make 100% natural products from honey-- including skincare.
MD: Honey skincare? That's really interesting! I'm going to have to check that out!